Tiffaney Bishop Collective
Australian Art Agency

TBC is an Australian art collective based in the Eastern suburbs of Upwey. They organise various community projects each year, some requiring more creative collaboration than others. I’ve helped them with 3 of their major projects over the years and continue to be an active part of their creative network.

Lightmare Studios
Game Development Company

Lightmare is a game development studio based in Queensland, Australia. They’re largest project ‘Infinity Wars’ was Kickstarted in late 2012, gaining over $17,000 in pledges. I was hired early in the development phase to compose the entire collection of soundtracks used in the game. This is one of my most extensive projects to date, lasting over 2 years with intermittent work.



MyDrive Media
Automotive Blog & TV Show

MyDrive is an online blog and TV show that reports on various news and events in the automotive industry. I was hired by their lead director to produce various tracks for their episodes that have aired on Channel 31 and gained thousands of views on their Youtube channel.